Powerplus Engine Accent Kit - Thin Blue Line

Powerplus Engine Accent Kit - Thin Blue Line

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We are officially calling these a pre-order since they may or may not be in stock when you order. We are producing these in runs as orders come in. Some colors are more popular and ordered more often than others. Those colors are more likely to be in stock.

We typically have the most popular colors in stock most of the time now and we have a pretty quick turnaround on the production of new runs. Just be aware that your order may not ship immediately but we'll get it to you ASAP.

Engine accent kits for Indian Challenger and Indian Pursuit

Our UV DTF 3D PermaSticker Engine Accent kits combine the latest UV DTF technology with exceptional adhesive properties, ensuring that your accents will stick around for the long haul. With unparalleled durability, remarkable adhesive properties, and heat resistance capable of direct contact with your engine, they're the perfect material to add a custom touch to your bike.

Kit includes a total of 41 pieces. All the accents you need to do both sides of your engine AND plenty of extras in case you make a mistake during installation. + 2 Brave Wolf logos. The kit comes on a 17.5" backing sheet with with a transfer layer on top.

We're offering these in a stunning 20 different color combination styles, but if we don't have the combo you want, consider purchasing multiple sets to mix-and-match and you'll save 20% on each. We've priced them affordably so this should be an option.

Material Finish: an enamel-like finish. I wouldn't classify it as gloss or matte. Similar to egg-shell finish.


These accents will need to be installed on a warm, clean, and dry engine. Do not attempt to install them cold or with condensation on the surface. You can run your bike to get the engine warm, but not hot, or use a hair dryer/heat gun. Installing these in winter months will be more difficult. Use scissors to separate each individual piece from the sheet. A pair of tweezers can be helpful to hold the accents in proper placement during installation. Once in place, use a firm object to press/rub over the full surface before peeling off the top transfer layer. Go slow while peeling the transfer layer. If the accent peels up without separating from the transfer, place it back down and press it more firmly into place. Because the surface is curved, the “I” will be the most challenging piece, so cut out around it as closely as possible to make it easier to position.

Custom Made takes time - only place an order if you can be patient

Full disclosure: Due to the custom nature of my products, they may not ship immediately. I run Brave Wolf Customs myself, creating art, making products, maintaining the website, finances, and social media. I ask that you please have patience while waiting for your order, and don't order if you can't wait. You can always reach out to me and find out if a product is in stock before ordering if you need it right away. I carry inventory on lots of my products but many will need to be manufactured first. Thanks for your support and understanding! - Jason