Engine Accent Kits (2014-2024 model Scouts)

Engine accent kits for 2014-2024 models of Indian Scout

Our UV DTF 3D PermaSticker Engine Accent kits combine the latest UV DTF technology with exceptional adhesive properties, ensuring that your accents will stick around for the long haul. With unparalleled durability, remarkable adhesive properties, and heat resistance capable of direct contact with your engine, they're the perfect material to add a custom touch to your bike.

Kit includes a total of 48 pieces. All the accents you need to do both sides of your engine AND plenty of extras in case you make a mistake during installation. + 2 Brave Wolf logos. The kit comes on a backing sheet with with a transfer layer on top.

We're offering these in several color styles, but if we don't have the color you want, consider purchasing multiple sets to mix-and-match and you'll save 20% on each. We've priced them affordably so this should be an option.

Material Finish: an enamel-like finish. I wouldn't classify it as gloss or matte. Similar to egg-shell finish.

16 products

16 products