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Engine Accent Kits

DTF engine accent kits for Indian Challenger & Pursuit in a wide selection of color styles. Made with an enamel-like transfer material that features a high heat tolerance for a stylish and durable finish.

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Speaker Accent Kits

Vinyl accent kits available in a large variety of colors. Easy to install, these kits are a perfect way to add a custom touch to your OEM speakers.

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Saddlebag Tethers

Brave Wolf Customs' unique saddlebag tethers for New-Style Indian saddlebags are available in over 20 different art styles. Made of Ottertex Waterproof canvas with DTF graphics, they are a direct replacement for your OEM bag tethers.

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Dreamcatcher Warbonnets

One of our most requested designs, dreamcatchers are now available in three variants with multiple color styles.


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Thunder & Lightning Customs

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For Challenger & Pursuit

Bagger racing inspired

Indian Scout Tank Decals
Skull Warbonnet SWB-729
The SWB-729 tank decal design is available in a wide variety of styles. "Inverted White Smoke" is shown here. Various colors of this design are also available for other bike models.
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Chief 2022+
Side Panel Decals
Multiple art styles available for decals that cover your side cover perfectly, providing an opportunity to add a custom touch to your new style Indian Chief.
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Set Pair of 2 decals
Indian, Harley, Suzuki, Kawasaki,....
Decals for ALL models of Bikes
This is a collection of art for your bike that doesn't care what you ride!
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