Exciting Updates: Easier Shopping by Brand and Model + Expanding our Offerings!

Introduction: Hello, dear friends! I have some exciting news to share with you today. We've made significant updates to our website, making it even easier for you to find the motorcycle decals, emblems, and parts you need. Our new feature allows you to shop by brand and model, ensuring a seamless browsing experience. But that's not all—read on to discover more about our journey and our plans for the future!

  1. Shop by Brand and Model: We've listened to your feedback and revamped our website to enhance your shopping experience. Now, you'll find a convenient icon list of motorcycle manufacturers on our homepage. By simply clicking on your preferred brand, you'll be directed to a dedicated landing page where you can explore various bike models. This categorization ensures that you can quickly locate the decals, emblems, and parts that are compatible with your specific motorcycle.shop by brand screenshot

  2. Expanding Beyond Indian Motorcycles: While our business initially focused on creating art for Indian Motorcycles, we've received numerous requests to expand our offerings to other brands. We value your input, and as a result, we've been working diligently to meet these demands. In our quest to cater to a wider range of motorcycle enthusiasts, many of our recent designs have been crafted as "universal" options. These versatile designs are sized and shaped to fit most cruiser-type motorcycles on the market. At the time of writing this blog, most of our options are Native American themed but we do have other styles with more on the way.

  3. Continuously Growing and Improving: We're committed to expanding our product line further, and your support plays a crucial role in making it happen. The more support we receive, the more options we can provide for a diverse range of motorcycle brands and models. We encourage you, our valued customer, to help spread the word about our business. Tell your friends who own motorcycles of other brands about us, and help me help you guys!

  4. Introducing Our Blog: To keep you updated on all the exciting developments, we've also added a blog section to our website. Here, you'll find the latest news, product releases, behind-the-scenes insights, and more. We invite you to visit our blog regularly, as we'll be sharing valuable content related to motorcycles, customization, and our artistic journey. You can also leave comments on the blog posts, allowing us to engage with you directly and create a sense of community.

Conclusion: At Brave Wolf Customs, we're thrilled to announce these improvements and expansions to our website. By enabling you to shop by brand and model, we aim to make your browsing experience more efficient and enjoyable. We're grateful for your support in helping us grow and reach a broader audience. Together, let's spread the word about our business and bring more motorcycle enthusiasts into our customer base. Remember to explore our new blog section, leave comments, and stay tuned for exciting updates!

Thank you for being part of our journey.

Jason at Brave Wolf Customs


  • Dan Smyly

    Decal for Harley road glide saddle bag

  • Walter Kent Savage

    Great work!!!

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