Brave Wolf Customs is getting a storefront!

Hello there friends! I have very exciting news to share with you all!

We are moving in July, and for the first time ever, Brave Wolf Customs will have a "brick and mortar" storefront.  Well it won't actually be brick and mortar, but rather a 1,600 square foot metal building next door to our new home on commercially zoned property in Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi.  We are very excited about this move since it will give us room and facilities to grow.

Brave Wolf Customs future storefront in Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi

If you've been with me since the beginning back in 2017, you probably know that Brave Wolf Customs started when I created the first piece of art for the Indian Scout I had at the time.  I couldn't afford a custom paint job for my bike, but as an artist I figured I could at least create something to make it more unique, more "mine".  I figured it would be easy to have my art turned into a decal for my bike that looked like custom paint.  I hadn't counted on how difficult that would actually be.  I took my idea to several different manufacturers and I don't recall how many proofs and decals I got that didn't measure up to my requirement before one finally nailed it.  I still use the same manufacturer today, but I digress. 

Indian Girl Warbonnet, the first design from Brave Wolf Customs
As the story goes, once I'd shared my art in one of the Facebook groups, I discovered that there was huge interest from others who wanted the tank decals as well.  Of course I was happy about that but still figured that it would just be a small thing on the side that I could do for a little extra income.  At the time, I was working on my bachelor's of science at Tulane and working a full-time entry level IT job.  I was at the bottom of the ladder with a lot of work to do to reach the top after starting over in a new career.  I was so focused on this that I pretty much regulated Brave Wolf to my "side business" as I worked on it when I could, from a home studio over the next several years.  I ended up getting my Master's degree in Business Analytics and IT Project management and worked in some higher level roles for US Army Cyber Command and later for a large bank.  Ultimately, I didn't find the work rewarding, likely because it consumed all the energy I needed for creativity.  That all changed when my wife, Sheila, told me to quit and focus on Brave Wolf.  With the support you guys in the community have shown us over the years, it wasn't hard to make that decision when my wife proposed the move.  It was one of the best decisions of my life and I've been having a great time creating new art and products for you. But up till now, I've still been limited by the facilities available to me.  Working from a studio at home, which ultimately is one bedroom, some garage space, and a paint booth on the back patio, I've been limited in space for both inventory and creativity.

This is all about to change!  Sheila is the queen of constantly watching every new listing that pops up on Zillow.  We moved to Texas back in December for a career advancing opportunity for her and she'd been keeping an eye out for potential new properties for us.  While we didn't find what we needed here in Texas, the perfect opportunity did pop up back home on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Bay Saint Louis is a trendy coastal town that we always found ourselves ending up in when we lived on the coast and road our motorcycles along Hwy 90 on the beach.  It's very scenic and a great motorcycle destination, creating a lot of excitement at the thought of hosting Bike Nights at Brave Wolf.  We've had several customers ride by to visit us over the years and I was always sad that I didn't have some fun destination experience for them.  I'm going to work hard at creating that destination.  And with the big shop space, I'll be inviting bikers to bring their rides for measuring and template creating so I can keep making new products to give you all more choices.

I can already see the picnic tables under the shade, live band, food truck, and parking lot full of bikes.  Shop painted with a photogenic mural… I'm manifesting here you guys.


I didn't mean to be too long winded, but I appreciate you all and wanted to share something personal that makes me happy.  I love to hear from you, so don't hesitate to write and share photos/stories any time.


Have a great weekend friends!



Jason and Sheila from Brave Wolf Customs



  • Mark Diffin

    I had been wondering what had happened…I didn’t see many posts from you or Sheila on Instagram. I’m sorry Texas didn’t work out for you but in the end, everything did work out for you two by finding a new beginning back in Mississippi! Looking forward to seeing your new storefront!!!

  • Digg

    Been with you since the start and have watched you grow into this..
    Hope this just keeps going ..😎

  • Sheila

    Just a team player on this life; helping you reach your absolute potential and goals! Can’t wait to see where we go from here 😌

  • Carlton Boehmer

    Good for you and your wife Jason. I’m happy that you’ve found your calling, even more so that it’s something that you really enjoy. I have a few of your pieces in my home and on my bike and they always bring compliments. I hope to someday visit you on a bike night, that’d be awesome. Not gonna lie though, I’m a little jealous, but I’m not hating. Keep it up buddy.

  • Stephane Guitard

    Congrats to you both !! , ordered my brave wolf decal since about 2 years now for my 2021 challenger and it still like brand new .. has not even budged !
    Thank you Jason for the quality product you are manufacturing! Congrats and keep up the great work!

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