Odin's Ravens Tank Decals for Indian Challenger/Pursuit - White

Odin's Ravens Tank Decals for Indian Challenger/Pursuit - White

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“Odin's Ravens" Tank Decal set for Indian Challenger/Pursuit

The artwork for these decals was sponsored by Tyler Cramer.  Featuring Odin's two ravens, Huginn and Muninn (one for each side of the tank).

Size: Covers a large portion of the tank side on Challenger and Pursuit models and should be centered during application for greatest appeal. The "Helm of Awe" will wrap slightly over the top of the tank to create depth (see mock-up image)

How To Install: <-Visit our How To page for videos

Weatherproof HD Gloss finish vinyl decals are self adhesive.  We recommend using the wet method to install these decals:  A spray bottle with water and dish soap can be used to wet the surface and the back of the decal, allowing you to slide the decal into place.  Once you have it aligned properly, use your thumbs to push the moisture out from behind the decal, working from the center outwards to the edges and it will adhere to your bike.  Using the wet method allows the decal surface to evenly distribute over the curved surface.  A hair dryer to apply heat will make the process easier since the vinyl becomes more soft and flexible when warm.