Indian Scout Mid-Frame 3D Emblem - Chief Warbonnet
Indian Scout Mid-Frame 3D Emblem - Chief Warbonnet
Indian Scout Mid-Frame 3D Emblem - Chief Warbonnet

Indian Scout Mid-Frame 3D Emblem - Chief Warbonnet

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Pre-Order Information:

This is a new design, a 3D sculpted badge/emblem.  Our initial proof prints worked out perfectly so we decided to order the machine and print these ourselves.  Your pre-order purchase will fund the cost of the printer so we can continue to offer new 3D sculpted artwork.  We will begin shipping this product by 17 May 2022 or sooner.  

UPDATE: we now expect to ship on 23rd May, a slight delay to allow us to deliver the best possible product. Creating these is time consuming and it’s taken multiple iterations to get the design perfected. We’re on track to finish making these this weekend. Thanks for your support!

Chief Warbonnet

The Chief Warbonnet is our second 3D sculpted design. The likeness is based on historical photos to make it an accurate representation.  For this design, I wanted it to look similar to a fossil.  In that way, it can have the appearance of being excavated or it can look like it’s carved from rock.  This emblem will fit perfectly into the embossed area of the Indian Scout mid-frame just below the seat and can be installed with 3M emblem tape or with a pliable silicone adhesive (your choice). 

Size: Precise size to fit the insert area on the Scout frame below the seat

Material: A durable resin, painted charcoal black to match the Scout frame.  Can be painted on if you design to custom paint it yourself.

Shipping times: In-stock products ship the same business day before 9AM or the following business day.  Special Order items must be ordered from our manufacturer and may require up to 2 weeks lead time before we can ship them to you. (This is a Pre-Order product, begins shipping on 17 May 2022 or sooner)

What is included:  Right side mid-frame emblem insert, 3M emblem tape

How to Install: Method 1:  Clean the mid-frame area of the bike of dirt and debris before installation.  We recommend using a alcohol swab.  Peel and stick 3M emblem tape on the reverse side of the emblem.  Press into place on bike frame and hold firmly in place for 30 seconds or more.  Allow tape adhesive to cure for 1-3 hours before riding to ensure a strong bond.