Dragon Warrior - Indian Scout - Frame Insert Set B&W

Dragon Warrior - Indian Scout - Frame Insert Set B&W

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“Dragon Warrior” Frame Inserts

These decal inserts adorn the Indian Scout frame near the fork, the mid-frame, and for bobbers, there's an insert for the rear fender (feel free to use this insert somewhere else if your Scout is not a bobber.  

Size: Covers the full tank side of ALL Indian Scout models

Weatherproof laminated decals are self adhesive.  We recommend using the wet method to install larger decals:  A spray bottle with water and dish soap can be used to wet the tank and the back of the decal, allowing you to slide the decal into place.  Once you have it aligned properly, use a squeegee or some non-abrasive tool (even your fingers) to push the moisture out from behind the decal and it will adhere to your tank. 

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