CLEARANCE-Indian Girl Warbonnet - Mango Gloss

CLEARANCE-Indian Girl Warbonnet - Mango Gloss

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CLEARANCE SALE - We are clearing out our old stock of retired designs and other non-current products at an extremely reduced price!

These are the last remaining leftovers from a retired design. Once they're gone, they're gone for good!

When we designed this decal for our own bike, we had no idea it would receive so much praise and that others would be so eager to get their hands on a set of their own.  It’s because of this success that we decided to venture into the market of providing custom graphics and decals for bikes.

Size: Approximately 12.25 x 4.6 Inches (NOT large enough to cover the Challenger's logo or the Bobber Twenty that has the full tank side warbonnet graphic)


Custom Made takes time - only place an order if you can be patient

Full disclosure: Due to the custom nature of my products, they may not ship immediately. I run Brave Wolf Customs myself, creating art, making products, maintaining the website, finances, and social media. I ask that you please have patience while waiting for your order, and don't order if you can't wait. You can always reach out to me and find out if a product is in stock before ordering if you need it right away. I carry inventory on lots of my products but many will need to be manufactured first. Thanks for your support and understanding! - Jason