The Lilith Challenger

A scary custom 2020 Indian Challenger build
Featured on Indian Rider Radio episode 32
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At Brave Wolf Customs, we create unique artwork for motorcycles. For our #LilithChallenger, we wanted to raise the bar on graphics to create a truly stunning visual experience.  On this journey, we've had the privilege of working with some amazing sponsors that helped us bring this project to life.  There were specific things we wanted to accomplish with this build so we sought out the best and we'll show that to you here.
The inspiration for the theme and the artwork comes from the Diablo series, our favorite video games by Blizzard Entertainment.  We're not affiliated with Bizzard, we're just big fans.
To set the stage for the build, we designed this artwork for the tank.  The decals for this and all other art on this build was produced by the same manufacturer we work with at Brave Wolf Customs for the decals we sell.  
 We created this custom artwork for the horn cover.  It's a combination of 4 layers of machine cut vinyl and then hand painted details before clear-coating it.
Our saddlebag graphics represent TAB Performance who is our sponsor on a sick set of B.A.M. Sticks exhaust with Zombie baffles.  Special thanks go to TAB Performance for joining us as our first sponsor and taking that leap of faith that we'd do something cool to represent them.  We love our exhaust, it's performance, and the sound.  We chose to go with the chrome version and chrome tips for our exhaust but TAB offers a variety of options.  Shop TAB Performance
Next up, Klock Werks becomes part of the #LilithChallenger with 13" Kliphanger Handlebars and an 8" Dark Smoke Flare Windshield!  We feel like they also took a chance on sponsoring us because we didn't really have a lot to show them at the time on what we were doing with the bike so we really appreciate their faith in us.
We designed artwork for the fairing that includes the Klock Werks logo inside of an ancient gemstone medallion with sorcerous scrollwork flowing from it.  The scrolls have clockwork cog elements in the design.
On a side note, Shine Werks sent us a bottle of Klean and polish that has us hooked.  I mean, look how shiny our bike is!
TLC - Thunder & Lightning Customs hooked us up with the baddest Meathook Highway Bars.  They couldn't be anymore awesome!  The quality and craftsmanship are superb and they're an easy install.  We think it really accents that mean look we needed for the build.
Custom Dynamics sent us their brand new LED Bagz tail light kit for the Challenger and it's so nice!  They've also been kind enough to upgrade our night time driving experience with a smoked out 7" ProBeam headlight.  It's a huge improvement on visibility!
We're working on deleting the OEM tail lights for a sleeker look ;)
Alligator Bob's Advanced Custom Design crafted us a masterpiece one-of-a-kind custom seat, passenger backrest, and tank bib for us (still working on the tank bib).  Crafted from one of the finest black horned back alligator hides he's ever seen and combined with full-quill ostrich, it is amazing!  Our comfort level will improve drastically as he's also upgraded us with Pro Pad installs. 
The leader in motorcycle aftermarket parts and accessories, Kuryakyn has us really excited to have them on the project!  Their Phantom line will cover us on floorboards, passenger pegs, and hand grips.  The wickedly awesome Scythe II mirrors are a perfect match for the build.  And to top it all off, a Prism+ light kit gave us those sweet red accent lights we needed to bring out the scariness. 
We are extremely excited and proud to have the amazing Indian Motorcycle of Charlotte and Lloyd's Garage sponsoring our build.  It's widely known that everything they touch turns to gold and we couldn't imagine a better team to help take the Lilith Challenger to the next level.  Stay "tuned" to see what's coming!
We're planning our first visit right now so we'll have more to share really soon!