Skull Warbonnet Decal Set - Black & White - High Gloss

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*Special Order* 

In order to provide more color and material options to our customers, we now offer special order items.  These items cost more than our in-stock decals because we do not mass produce them.  When you order this item, our manufacturer produces it for you on-demand before we can ship it to you.  This could extend your wait time by up to two weeks but gives you a chance to have a really unique set of decals.

This decal will completely cover the original warbonnet without having to modify your bike in any way (They are also intended to cover the original logo if your bike has the Indian script writing on the tank.  Just be sure to check the measurements of the decal here and on your bike to verify).  There’s no need to remove the original tank graphic and you do not need to clear coat or paint over them.  They are self-adhesive.  Although they were designed for the fuel tank, you can use these decals wherever you want.  Just be sure to measure the size of where you want to apply them to ensure they will fit.

Size: Approximately 14 inches length and 5 1/2 inches width

Material: A heavy duty vinyl with a matte sand texture.  It is weatherproof, temperature and UV resistant, and will maintain its quality for years.  Rated for 4 - 6 years of continuous outdoor use.

What is included:  Matching SET of left and right facing decals. Application suitable for Motorcycles, cars, trucks, windows, tables and more. 

You can also use the Wet Method for installing Vinyl Decals.  We haven't produced a video of this method yet but a quick search on YouTube will yield many results.

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Bad F******A**!!!

Ordered at like 3a.m. Was shipped at 7a.m the same morning! Exactly what I wanted and more! Definitely would recommend.


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Absolutely loving my decal set from Brave Wolf.



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