Deluxe Skull Warbonnet Saddlebag Decal Set  - for "Rounded" Bags 2014-2021
Deluxe Skull Warbonnet Saddlebag Decal Set  - for "Rounded" Bags 2014-2021
Deluxe Skull Warbonnet Saddlebag Decal Set  - for "Rounded" Bags 2014-2021
Deluxe Skull Warbonnet Saddlebag Decal Set  - for "Rounded" Bags 2014-2021
Deluxe Skull Warbonnet Saddlebag Decal Set  - for "Rounded" Bags 2014-2021
Deluxe Skull Warbonnet Saddlebag Decal Set  - for "Rounded" Bags 2014-2021
Deluxe Skull Warbonnet Saddlebag Decal Set  - for "Rounded" Bags 2014-2021

Deluxe Skull Warbonnet Saddlebag Decal Set - for "Rounded" Bags 2014-2021

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Our saddlebag decals are made from premium weatherproof hi-tack vinyl with a long lifespan that will keep them looking new for years.  They are available in two finishes, heavy-duty 12 mil laminated Gloss (looks like it's painted on), or a heavy-duty sandy matte textured premium finish.

NEW ITEM:  These decals are a new item and are currently SPECIAL ORDER.  That means that we order them from our manufacturer once you place an order and it will take 2-3 weeks for delivery on average.  If there's high demand for them, we start to keep them in stock going forward.  Thank you for your patience!

These decals are the "rounded" type Indian saddlebags.  If you have the newer style bags, or an Indian Challenger, please look for the "New Style" listing in our shop.

 Fitment Guide:

2014-2018 - All Models

2019-2020 - Chieftain Classic, Roadmaster, Springfield

2021 - Springfield, Roadmaster, Roadmaster Elite



Installing our decals is easy to do yourself at home.  We recommend removing all of the excess decal material (the background image) before installing the decals.  This will allow you to dispose of all the small cut-out pieces so that the pieces do not get trapped underneath your decal when installing it on the bike.  Once you have all of the small pieces and background removed, you can use the "wet method" to install the decals to your saddlebags.  The wet method involves using a spray bottle of water with a couple drops of dish soap in the mixture and spraying the surface of your saddlebags to wet the entire surface.  Then carefully remove the backing from your decal and use the spray bottle to wet the adhesive side of the decal.  Now you can gently place the decal on your saddlebag.  Because the surfaces are wet, you can pull the decal up to reposition it until you get it where you want it.  Once it's in place, use a squeegee or other object such as a credit card wrapped in a microfiber towel to squeeze the water out from behind the decal.  You can also use your hands to do this.  You should take care not to use a hard/abrasive object that can scratch the decals or your bike's paint.  The high-tack adhesive will begin to set/adhere to the bike as soon as the liquid is push out from behind the decal.  Use caution to ensure the towel or object you are using does not catch any edges of the decal and pull it off your bike.  If you take your time and be gentle during installation, it should be an easy process.  A hair dryer can be used to speed up the drying process if needed.

Feel free to visit our How-To page on the website to watch a "wet method" installation video TAB Performance made while installing our Zombie decals.

About Our Decals
Are you looking to customize your motorcycle but you’re not ready to commit to custom paint?  Perhaps you don’t have access to a great painter in your area, or the cost is too high, or you like the freedom to change your mind and swap to a new design whenever you feel like it.  That’s why our decals are perfect for you.  They look like paint and you can put them on and remove them later without damaging your original paint.  Anyone can install these themselves. 
Our decals are designed to cover the original warbonnet or tank logos without having to modify your bike in any way.  If your bike has tank emblems, those will need to be removed first.  OEM emblems use 3M emblem tape to adhere to your tank so they can be easily removed and even reinstalled with fresh tape.
The decals are hi-tack self-adhesive and can be applied with either the wet or dry method.  Our decals are laminated weatherproof material that does not require clear coat.  Due to the expanding/contracting nature of vinyl, we recommend not using clear coat on top of our decals. 
Fitment Notice: We ask that you review the product photos and size to ensure the product you like is a good fit for your application. 
The Materials
Shipping Times

In-Stock products ship the same business day before 9AM or the following business day.

Special Order items must be ordered from our manufacturer and may require up to 2 weeks lead time before we can ship them to you.

We attempt to carry a small inventory on Special Order items whenever possible so there's a chance we can ship immediately.

Shipping delays: Due to worldwide events, forecasted shipping times are not always accurate and some orders may see delays

The Dry Method

- Our decals are self-adhesive and easy to install without the need for special tools or additional materials.  A strip of tape and some scissors makes it easy!

Or if you prefer:

The Wet Method

We haven't produced our own video for "Wet Method" installation yet but you can take a look at this video created by TAB Performance on YouTube.

Challenger Horn Cover Decal Install

Custom Art For The

Custom Paint Look

Why choose us?

Quality equal to the style

We believe it's not enough to just look good. Anyone can "look" the part but we put in the extra work to produce the highest quality and exceed your expectations.


Bad F******A**!!!

Ordered at like 3a.m. Was shipped at 7a.m the same morning! Exactly what I wanted and more! Definitely would recommend.


Brave Wolf Killin' It

Absolutely loving my decal set from Brave Wolf.



Durable Weatherproof Construction

Easy to Install

At Home in the Garage

How to Install
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Luc J.
Belgium Belgium
I recommend this product
Hello, i use it on the new style Bags, it fits perfectly, Chieftain 2019 limited

Something for the fairing would be a good idea, With the schipping and taxes it cost me €190, almost de double of the price☹️ But it is a good product

Brave Wolf Customs Deluxe Skull Warbonnet Saddlebag Decal Set  - for Rounded Bags 2014-2021 ReviewBrave Wolf Customs Deluxe Skull Warbonnet Saddlebag Decal Set  - for Rounded Bags 2014-2021 Review
Brave Wolf Customs

Hi Luc! Thank you for your business and your review! I'm happy to hear you like the decals and that you were able to use them on the new style bags even though they're designed for the rounded bags. I'm sorry about the shipping and taxes: We recently started a partnership with who will begin selling our products within Europe to help cut costs on shipping and taxes. Right now, the product selection is a limited range of our products but they will continue to grow as they gain support in Europe. We appreciate folks like you that help us realize our dreams. Safe riding and happy adventures! - Jason