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We made a custom horn cover logo for our Lilith Challenger and ever since then, we've been asked to start offering some designs you guys can buy.  If you have the base air filter, these decals fit those as well.  You can have matching decals for both sides or switch it up with two different styles.

These are available in heavy-duty 12 mil laminated gloss vinyl and will not be offered in matte.  The HD gloss adheres best to the curved edges of the 1901 badge.

These are self adhesive and are applied by hand to the 1901 badge.  If you've already removed the badge, we recommend filling in the embossed Indian script with silicon (it's easily removed later if you need to and this well help our decal maintain a smooth flat surface).

Installation: Be sure your horn cover/stage 1 cover badge is clean before installing the decal.  Peel the decal off of the backing sheet, careful not to touch the adhesive side of the decal too much.  Carefully align it to a centered position (the decal is slightly smaller than the badge).  Press the decal firmly down in the center to stick it in place, then use your thumbs to push out from the center to the edges.  Repeat this process until you've stretched/pressed it firmly down around the curves.  And that's it!


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Ordered at like 3a.m. Was shipped at 7a.m the same morning! Exactly what I wanted and more! Definitely would recommend.


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Absolutely loving my decal set from Brave Wolf.



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