Special Orders

Details about Special (Custom) Orders:

We reserve the right to refuse/accept any special order request of our choosing.

  • Special orders have a longer lead time
    • Payment will be due up front before work commences.  In some cases, this will be full payment due up-front and in others, it may be a partial payment required.
    • After payment is received, artwork commences.  Once the client accepts the proof artwork, any remaining invoice amount is due before the product is manufactured.  In the event that the scope of the special order changes (IE: extensive rework is required from the proof or additional products are added, the cost of the special order may be modified).
    • Once the special order is sent to production with our manufacturer, it typically takes up to two weeks for us to receive the finished product before we can ship it to the client.

Special Orders Terms and Conditions:

Customer acknowledges that if this purchase is a special order, the provisions of this paragraph supersede any conflicting general terms of these terms and conditions. Customer agrees to defend, protect, and hold harmless Company against all suits at law or in equity and from any and all damages, claims, and demands for personal injury or actual or alleged infringement of any United States or foreign intellectual property right and to defend any suit or actions which may be brought against Company for such injury and/or any alleged infringement because of the manufacture and/or sale of the material covered thereby. All special ordered Products are subject to a cancellation fee of 100% of the purchase price if cancelled at any time after placed. A Special Order is any order that is Made to Order, or not a stocked item as determined by Brave Wolf Customs.

If any goods are manufactured by Seller to meet Buyer's particular specifications or requirements, Buyer shall indemnify and hold Seller harmless from any and all claims arising from the purchase, use, or sale of the special goods, and from any related costs, attorneys’ fees, expenses, or liabilities incurred by Seller therefrom.

Ownership Rights of the artwork:

Unless specifically noted otherwise, Brave Wolf Customs retains ownership right to any and all artwork created by the company.  We retain the right to manufacture and resell the artwork to other customers in the future.

Explanation: In most cases, custom one-offs would remain "one-offs" only sold to the commissioning client.  However, if said "one-off" is a color variation of any previous design we have widely made available, no guarantee is made that the "one-off" will not be commercially available to other customers (we do not grant exclusive rights to our commercially available artwork).  In some cases, a client may commission the creation of a new design that has broad audience appeal but that we otherwise would not have created.  In these cases, the commission is considered to have "sponsored" the artwork, the client will be the first to receive such design, but the product may be added to our catalogue for future commercial purchases by other customers.  

Exclusive Rights: If a client wishes to ensure that no other customers have access to the commissioned work, the client may be able to obtain exclusive rights for an additional fee.  The client should inquire whether or not this is necessary and what additional fee is required.

In all cases, Brave Wolf Customs retains the right to display the artwork in any digital representation on our website, public forums, and social media.