Saddlebag Decals - Skull Warbonnet - Challenger (2020 model and newer)

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Our saddlebag decals are made from premium outdoor self-adhesive vinyl with a long lifespan.

We are currently adding new style variants so if you don't see your saddlebags or color choice listed, feel free to send us a message on Facebook or via email.

These decals are made to order and may need a few days turn around time before they are ready to be shipped.  Thank you for your patience!

We prep and cut the vinyl for these decals in-house.  Then we weed out all the cut-outs by hand before applying transfer tape over the decals.  The decals will ship to you on a decal backing with transfer tape pressed over the top of the decal for ease of installation.  It is recommended that you use a plastic card (like a credit card) to press over the front and back of the graphic once you receive it.  This ensures that the vinyl graphic is properly adhered to the transfer tape.

 Fitment Guide:

Fits all Indian Challenger OEM hard saddlebags for 2020 models and up


For tips on how to properly install the decals, we recommend you watch this video on how to use the wet method:  With our decals, it's often best to wet only the surface of the saddlebags so that it doesn't take as long to get adhesion.  Feel free to use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process.

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We believe it's not enough to just look good. Anyone can "look" the part but we put in the extra work to produce the highest quality and exceed your expectations.


Bad F******A**!!!

Ordered at like 3a.m. Was shipped at 7a.m the same morning! Exactly what I wanted and more! Definitely would recommend.


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Absolutely loving my decal set from Brave Wolf.



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