"Oops" Azteca Indian Scout Fuel Tank Decal Set - Color Gloss
"Oops" Azteca Indian Scout Fuel Tank Decal Set - Color Gloss
"Oops" Azteca Indian Scout Fuel Tank Decal Set - Color Gloss
"Oops" Azteca Indian Scout Fuel Tank Decal Set - Color Gloss
"Oops" Azteca Indian Scout Fuel Tank Decal Set - Color Gloss
"Oops" Azteca Indian Scout Fuel Tank Decal Set - Color Gloss
"Oops" Azteca Indian Scout Fuel Tank Decal Set - Color Gloss

"Oops" Azteca Indian Scout Fuel Tank Decal Set - Color Gloss

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"Oops" Collection - This product is discounted due to a slight defect or light damage during shipping.  Check the product photos for details.  You will be purchasing EXACTLY what you see in the photos.

Oops Description: Small feathers at top of headdress bent during a move.  Could be cut off or will possible lay flat during installation.

The Aztec Jaguar God of the Underworld is here on our Azteca fuel tank decals!  They were designed to completely fill the space on the side of the Indian Scout’s fuel tank and give you a large and unique piece of art to really set your bike apart from the others.  Although these decals were designed for the fuel tank of a Scout, you can use them wherever you want.  Just be sure to measure the size of where you want to apply them to ensure they will fit.

Size: Approximately 15 x 5 inches (NOT large enough to cover the Challenger's logo or the Scout Twenty full tank side graphic).  The size and shape of this decal is designed to fit the side of the Scout fuel tank.  It has been used on other bikes (see photos), but does not completely cover OEM warbonnet.


About Our Decals
Are you looking to customize your motorcycle but you’re not ready to commit to custom paint?  Perhaps you don’t have access to a great painter in your area, or the cost is too high, or you like the freedom to change your mind and swap to a new design whenever you feel like it.  That’s why our decals are perfect for you.  They look like paint and you can put them on and remove them later without damaging your original paint.  Anyone can install these themselves. 
Our decals are designed to cover the original warbonnet or tank logos without having to modify your bike in any way.  If your bike has tank emblems, those will need to be removed first.  OEM emblems use 3M emblem tape to adhere to your tank so they can be easily removed and even reinstalled with fresh tape.
The decals are hi-tack self-adhesive and can be applied with either the wet or dry method.  Our decals are laminated weatherproof material that does not require clear coat.  Due to the expanding/contracting nature of vinyl, we recommend not using clear coat on top of our decals. 
Fitment Notice: We ask that you review the product photos and size to ensure the product you like is a good fit for your application. 
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- Our decals are self-adhesive and easy to install without the need for special tools or additional materials.  A strip of tape and some scissors makes it easy!

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The Wet Method

We haven't produced our own video for "Wet Method" installation yet but you can take a look at this video created by TAB Performance on YouTube.

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Bad F******A**!!!

Ordered at like 3a.m. Was shipped at 7a.m the same morning! Exactly what I wanted and more! Definitely would recommend.


Brave Wolf Killin' It

Absolutely loving my decal set from Brave Wolf.



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